Beard Competition Team

Blackbeard Trading Company LLC  is excited to announce Johnny Rodriguez as our first sponsored beard competitor. As of February 2019, he will be officially representing Blackbeard Trading Company LLC at all the beard competitions and events he attends. We are excited to bring him aboard our pirate ship and will treat him in a manner worthy of any great pirate pillaging the high seas on behalf of Cap'n Blackbeard! 

Here's a little about Johnny...

Johnny Rodriguez was born and raised in Corpus Christi,Tx. In 2015 he became the founder and president of Corpus Christi Hairy Hooligans and has been on the competitive beard scene ever since. Johnny has quickly gained notoriety; judging and competing all over the great state of Texas and surrounding states. Each year, it is his ambitions to push further out on the beard circuit. Johnny has won several awards and recognitions in his short time on the competitive beard circuit. Check them out below.

Judged at:

  • Bikes for kids facial hair comp 2016(Corpus Christi,Tx.) R
  • Road to Worlds 2017(Kingsville,Tx.)
  • B and J mustache comp '18(Corpus Christi,Tx)
  • Beards in the Hood 2(Killeen,Tx.)
  • Midwest facial hair showdown 2018(wichita,KS)
  • Decembeard 8(Ft.Worth,Tx)
  • Come and Shave It #13 (Austin, Tx)
  • Beardfest 8 (Dallas, Tx)
Won awards in:
  • 3rd place in Donegal at National Beard and Mustache Championships 2019 (Chicago, Il)
  • 1st place and Best In Show at roosters beard comp 2016 (San Antonio,Tx)
  • 2nd place in Whaler at Decembeard 2017 (Ft.Worth,Tx.)
  • Best Damn Club award at Beards in the Hood 1 (Killeen,Tx.)
  • 11th place in Muskateer at WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS
  • 2nd at Beards in the Hood 3(Killeen,Tx)

Here is Johnny in Action!


Blackbeard Trading Company LLC  is also excited to announce Nick Benavidez joining the Team Blackbeard as sponsored beard competitor. As of November 2019, he will be officially representing Blackbeard Trading Co. at all the beard competitions and events he attends!

Here's a little about Nick:

Nick was raised on the small island of Port Aransas Texas and had always enjoyed living the island life! So much that he earned the nickname 'Dukes' because he insists on wearing short shorts (sometimes a little too short) everywhere he goes to keep the island spirit with him. Nick has been a member of the Corpus Christi Hairy Hooligans since 2016 and is currently the youngest BeardO in the club. He claims to have stayed behind the scenes due to his youth but his competitive nature cant be held back any longer. In 2019, he has hit the competitive beard circuit hard! Which drew the attention of Cap'n Blackbeard,  and now he is officially competing for the Cap'n!

Here's Nick's Accomplishments as of Fall 2019:

  • Beards on the bay 2016
  • Beards on the bay 2017 3rd in Texas Red Beard
  • Beards on the bay 2018 3rd in Full Beard under 4”
  • Beards on the bay 2019 2nd in Whaler
  • 2019 National Beard and Mustache Championships (Chicago)

A little more of Nick in Action: