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Welcome Aboard (About Us)


To offer practical gentlemen products through a unique pirate experience.  

Who We Are 

Blackbeard Trading Company is a veteran owned company by our Captain, Tyler Dahl, who served eight years in the U.S. Marines.We are an online retailer priding ourselves on offering practical gentlemen products.A big part of who we are is delivering our products through a unique pirate themed customer experience.

What We Offer

  • Here be some notable characteristics of our fabled pirate ship; 
    • We make custom woodworks
    • We make all our own beard care products 
    • We are a licensed cigar retailer & distributor in Texas
      • reselling too many brands to list
    • We are an approved retailer of:
      • Bottle Breacher
      • SA Face Shields
      • Ferocious Beard Co.
      • Beard Justice LLC
      • Beard Place Co.
      • Man Beard Co.
      • Fisticuff: Grave Before Shave
    • We have doubled our sales each year we have been in business
    • We sponsor a professional beard competition team; The Swashbucklers
    • We have our own retailers stocking our beard care products, peruse these retailers here


  • Here be a short narrative of our journey on the high seas;
    • 2012 - 2018 :
      • Blackbeard's Woodworks, operating as a Sole Proprietor
      • Offering woodworking services for decor and furniture
      • Primarily word of mouth and Etsy business trading in cash and Paypal 
    • 2018 :
      • Expanded into gentlemens health and beauty with a full line of Beard Care Products
      • Opened our own website;
      • Increased marketing via social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram
      • Trading primarily with Ecommerce card transactions
    • 2019 :
      • Formed Blackbeard Trading Co. as a Limited Liability Company
      • Expanded into a broader retailer business platform
        • Reselling other beard company products, merchandise, apparel, and practical gentlemen products
      • Expanded into the Tobacco Retailer market
        • June '19 launch for reselling Cigars on our ecommerce platform and trade events